Still Standing

Still Standing

March 28, 2022

This is a story that starts with tragedy, but which is filled with incredible resilience.

It is not just a memoir, or a self-help book, it is a generous gift to the reader.

Mwangala’s vulnerability in sharing what she has learned makes this a book we can all relate to. If you want to increase your resilience, adopt a growth mindset, or just be inspired by the miracles humans can achieve when we challenge ourselves against the odds, this memoir is for you. There are many lessons shared in Still Standing, but if you learn just one, let that be that God’s silence through trauma is sometimes necessary.


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Book Extracts

From chapter 20 Shaken

An writing from 'Still Standing'.


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Broken to Restoration

An writing from 'Still Standing'.

Slides on the journey

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From Chapter 8 Shame

An writing from 'Still Standing'.

There is no back-up plan for God’s plan for my life. But rather than to praise Him, I am fill…

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From Chapter 7 Rock Bottom

An writing from 'Still Standing'.

The nagging thought that constantly runs through my mind is to simply end it all. I always thought …

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From Chapter 2 Sacrifice

An writing from 'Still Standing'.

‘Noti, why am I still lying here? Noti, why aren’t they taking me to the operating thea…

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journey of hope

Honourable Edith Nawakwi

It doesn't matter how strong I try. I can't run a marathon . However, short the distance, maybe.My sister, you are the sunlight in this jungle of hopelessness.If love is a rose, you are that rose on the thorny cross road of life's journey of hope. We met briefly, and it is so clear that you are a gem of life for the world. You are a blessing.

Called to His purpose

Ms. Chishala Kateka- New Heritage Party President, Zambia

I think that the Lord allowed you to go through what you did. But was that the only way that God could get you to that position? Absolutely not. When the enemy of our souls comes to wreak havoc in our lives and seems to succeed somehow, the Lord takes those broken pieces and uses them towards His own purposes. Hence the scripture in Romans “in all things, God works together for good to them that love Him and are the called according to His purpose.

You are a rare combination of many things!! Your (family) background, your educational background, your experiences and most importantly, your heart and mind. 

The Lord has orchestrated a masterpiece that only He can appreciate and perhaps a few of us that the Lord enables to see beyond what others see.

Mwangala, what I picked up in the spirit, as I read Still Standing, is someone that is certainly not to be pitied, rather, someone to be held in high esteem. What has come out of those dark tunnels is a Jeremiah 51:20-23 person. A battle ax. An arrow in the Lord’s quiver. Allow yourself to sink deeper in Him and you will see what He will do in and through you.

mothers and comforters of the nation

Lilly Sinkala

"I needed to live if not for myself at least for my children, and slowly I began to have more reasons to live than to die."

( Mwangala Lethbridge ~ Still Standing)

As the nation is almost overwhelmed by the tragedy cases of suicide that are ravaging our families and stealing the joy of family leaving mental scares on children of the victims we upload citizens like sister Mwangala who have the courage to surmount the temptation through a thought of love for her children and today as she shared her moment with us while shopping at our shop we were even more blessed to get copies of her new book ( Still Standing ) and we encourage you to get this copy.

To all the women out there we are called to mother and comfort the nation through our prayers and our supplication will preserve our families.


Douglas Cibala

Thankyou for being relatable and for showing me the way. Thankyou

So refreshing

Makungo Muyembe

READING A BOOK wow!!! So refreshing I have not done this in more than 10 years..

This one is deep , I am mesmerised how you were able to express and explain what you went through in this excellent way... how do you remember everything and put in a book a very impressive life story ...

Big up my friend,, this book is a master piece..

Having gone through an accident myself , reading your book resonates with your experience

Powerful Story

clara M. L. Keskin- Osnabruck, Germany

What an extremely powerful story. Thank you for an extraordinary story with incredible and relatable lessons in "Still Standing".Thank you for sharing your truth and openness, I must say my mind is completely into the book. This is a must-read

Beautiful to read

Diana Wesa-Budd- United Kingdom

Reading is my passion

There is nothing that l appreciate more than words that speak to me

Words that paint a picture and inspire emotion

Words that bring tears to one eyes one minute and laughing the next

Your book does that

I’ve seen your tenacity , focus and success over the years

And that made me a cheer leader for your book before l even read it

Then l did

You didn’t disappoint

As an author your words were beautiful to read

relatable book

David Rossi - Pakasangano Lodge- Lower Zambezi

I have ridden with the author many times. I can relate. I can relive ,feel and imagine all the moments. I encourage everyone and bikers of all disciplines to grab a copy

Great lesson on forgiveness

Akatoka Mutau- Livingston, Zambia

Your book is undeniably very raw and honest.

I have learnt so much from how to pick oneself up to acceptance, and forgiveness.

I thank God I read it, and probably read it again.

But you are one very strong woman, even when you felt the weakest.

I thank God for Still Standing, and allowing us to learn and be prepared for change even when we don't want it.. and ALWAYS trust in the lord.

Great lesson on forgiveness

Nobutu Mutau- Livingston, Zambia

Your book is undeniably very raw and honest. I have learnt so much from how to pick oneself up to acceptance, and forgiveness. I thank God I read it, and probably read it again. But you are one very strong woman, even when you felt the weakest. I thank God for Still Standing, and allowing us to learn and be prepared for change even when we don't want it.. and ALWAYS trust in the lord.

pls continue to write

Yvonne Mubanga- Berkshire UK

Thank YOU for letting us into your life. It’s the hardest thing to accept we are vulnerable and invest so much effort in ‘protecting ourselves….. Everyone who reads this should never have to ask you ‘the question’….. A clever way of saving yourself this…. The book is very well written, I’ll get my daughters to read it too and hope they meet you one day. A good read, Netflix and so many independents….. And I hope you continue to write.

Very relatable


Just finished reading this master piece on the UBZ coach and wow.. I celebrate you for bringing out your brokeness so honestly and courageously but most importantly for Still Standing after the traumatic experience.

Mwangala my situations may be different but I am still standing and I know several people are. I am recommending this book to my still standing or needing to stand friends...thank you.  I also love your writing style..Keep standing girlfriend

Mourning as a Christian

Mrs Hilary Fyfe- Zambia

I feel like it is who wrote this book even though I know that I would not be as coherent as you. I suppose God wanted me to read this book to know there is no way out of pain. One has to live through it. I am slowly going back to friends I wrote off due to their comment like; you are a Christian don’t mourn like that 😳like what‼️ Instead of shouting back at them, I chose to block their numbers. Hell is hell whichever way you spell it.

Thank you my child for the courage to write.

Could not put it down

Mrs Carol Lemba- South Africa

I read the book… very well written. It engaged all my senses. I was home!

*Thank you* … it helped me in more ways than you know. Just knowing that it’s normal and ok to go through some emotions. . The author has an amazing spirit and I bought the book purely to support the author. But it’s the best I have read this year. And I haven’t actually read in a long time. I do a lot of audio books. That’s how good it was. Could not put it down.

Young Widow

Unathi Mdaka Tembo- South Africa

What an incredible book. So relatable in my grief journey as a young widow. Thankyou Mwangala for sharing so vulnerably and authentically. Forever Grateful.

Raw emotional account

Duniya Mupeso

With every page I read I am blown away!

The writing, the openness and authenticity of each emotion expressed make this a MUST-READ!!

The powerful quotes shared in each chapter make this a true labour of love.

Thank you for sharing your story. 💗💗

Raw and authentic

Chisha Kandeke- Zambia

I have just finished reading Still Standing, 3 days later…. You are a natural writer!!!! I have never looked forward to turning the page of a memoir like I have this book. Thankyou for telling your story so honestly, it has been so so encouraging. Having gone through a depressing period myself, the way you tell your story gives me so many “light bulb” moments. I have only realised now that it was okay to feel the way I felt and go through what I went through, as long as I came out stronger…. 

I look forward to your next book. 


Charlotte Hill- UK

Such a wonderful book- it is honestly the best thing I have read for ages(and I am a big reader)!

Short Prayer

Rodgers Chanda- Zambia

Yesterday I was so touched and learnt a very big lesson about life, that Living for a purpose isn't living it for me but for what God has designed me for. The short powerful prayer was "LORD, do not take me, my children still need me” this prayer included many who met/meets Mrs Mwangala Lethbridge as she's an inspiration to many, and her life is a life of lives.

Bitter Sweet

Mazianga Lucy Mazaba Liwewe- Zambia

Mwangala, this memoir is a bitter sweet pill. Bitter cause it has made me shed tears imagining what you went through but Sweet because you got up and are Still Standing.

Amazingly, every repeat read yields a different understanding and perspective.

I have learnt through this memoire that while we may go through similar or even different but as heavy issues, we must respect our different reactions and the pace at which we heal if we ever do.

Mwangala please do not underestimate the positive impact your memoir has had on me and am sure many others including my daughters whom I see on the pics you posted.

Thank you for sharing the bitter yet sweet encounter in your life time.

Opening up that personal space of your life is evidence of your selflessness.

This book is a must read, I assure you, it will lift you up as you realize that despite how heavy the load is, you can always get up and remain standing #StillStanding

Thank you Mwangala.

Honest self-reflection

Lucy Scanlon- UK

I have the privilege of knowing Mwangala and the honour of being her niece. Reading this book, I felt many of the same emotions I felt on 28th April 2019, following behind her and Notulu for a few miles of the London Marathon: awe, wonder, pride, inspiration, and the knowledge that truly anything is possible if you are determined and allow others to help you. In her writing as in life, Mwangala demonstrates the power of vulnerability and the bravery of honest self-reflection.

No more drinks to a pity party

Ms. Christabel Michel Banda

Your story is truly inspirational and I can not even image how much you had to dig into your soul to produce the words that are now a living testimony of your experience

Thats what comes through....healing is a journey🙏
You know loss for many people is in diggerent forms, loved ones, marriages, Jobs etc....

But its still a loss and the healing process and journey is have to go through and not around....and that lesson comes through strongly in your book🙏🙏

Inspiring Book

Caroline - Staravia Zambia

I finished reading your book today and I absolutely loved it. ❤️ Very, very well done on this achievement! It is so beautiful written and 100% from the heart. I cried and cried and cried with you. My word! 🤦‍♀️ It is such an amazing memoir, you must be so proud. We are proud of you! ❤️❤️

I love how you describe Zambia and how your love for your country shines through, it’s beautiful. Such an inspiring book, I absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It must have been so hard to get it all onto paper, but you did a fantastic job. I can’t believe how much you have been through - thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life and your story.


An honest account

Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)

Zambian politician, Mwangala Lethbridge, was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident, the victim of a drunken driver, shortly after losing in a significant election. These two disasters following shortly after each other shook her previously deep-rooted faith in both herself and her God, leaving her questioning what her future on earth could possibly be.

Still Standing is an incredibly honest and painful memoir of the months in which she began to recover, physically and, eventually, mentally, with the psychological scars proving to be more difficult to circumvent. I appreciated Mwangala' candidness throughout Still Standing. She is all too aware of how her struggles to understand her predicament are reflecting upon her family and I found this aspect of the memoir one of the most powerful to consider. Mwangala's recovery isn't just her own rebuilding, but also a need to shore up and renegotiate family relationships which were also drastically changed forever when her strong maternal role was no longer possible.

Also of great interest to me were Mwangala's thoughts around the multicultural makeup of her marriage, particularly the question of where home might be when each partner - and their children - has a very different emotional response to that question - separated by thousands of miles. Mwangala's abrupt awakening to how her home town now saw  and openly treated her very differently, purely due to her disability, was an eye-opening chapter. 

Still Standing is an inspirational and, hopefully, influential memoir which I am glad to have been given this opportunity to read. I did not find it a religious book per se, although Mwangala's faith is obviously a vital part of her life, but I was more in awe of her personal strength and the dedication of her husband, Adam, as this family adjusted to such an altered reality.