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Salon Woes

December 30, 2023


There are two types of hair salons in Zambia. The first type is the really nice one, with the nice furniture, where the staff occasionally ask you if you would like a cup of tea or coffee. And occasionally over a weekend, you are offered a glass of Chardonnay. The hairdressers are beautifully dressed, wearing impeccable make-up and all their hair stations are clean and equipment is neat…

To forgive or not forgive

October 19, 2023

To forgive or not forgive……


I was invited to share my story at one of the banks in Lusaka, as part of their mental awareness month sessions.

I spoke my truth, my pain, my sorrow, my unforgiveness and ultimately, the acceptance of my new reality. I ended my story by highlighting the importance of gratitude. For many people, gratitude can be thankfulness of God’s…

5 Things no-one told me about Depression

September 10, 2023

1. It isolates you

You avoid people and places because wearing a mask is exhausting.

2. It puts you in auto pilot

You just want to make it to the end of the day.

3. Produces ‘Chameleon’ like hormones

You adapt and blend in with the environment so that nobody notices your fake smile.

4. It’s like a virus

Each time you start to get better, it mutates and …


February 05, 2023

The passage of time has made me understand that peace and happiness is simply an illusion. I mean think about it….

Your partner cheats on you, heartbroken.

Your partner doesn’t cheat on you but prioritises their work over you, heartbroken.

Your colleague at work of equal competence is promoted and you’re not, heartbroken.

Your best friend reveals your secret to anot…

Random acts of Kindness

October 02, 2022

The universe has a way of connecting dots that remain mostly unseen to us, well, mostly me, until the lines either come to an end or they crisscross with another person’s line. It is at that juncture that the universe reveals itself to you.

In some cases, it brings great joy to a person who has been praying for peace, for light , for a job, for healing, for a start of blissful relat…

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