pls continue to write

A review for 'Still Standing', by Yvonne Mubanga- Berkshire UK

Thank YOU for letting us into your life. It’s the hardest thing to accept we are vulnerable and invest so much effort in ‘protecting ourselves….. Everyone who reads this should never have to ask you ‘the question’….. A clever way of saving yourself this…. The book is very well written, I’ll get my daughters to read it too and hope they meet you one day. A good read, Netflix and so many independents….. And I hope you continue to write.

Very relatable

A review for 'Still Standing', by Gloria

Just finished reading this master piece on the UBZ coach and wow.. I celebrate you for bringing out your brokeness so honestly and courageously but most importantly for Still Standing after the traumatic experience.

Mwangala my situations may be different but I am still standing and I know several people are. I am recommending this book to my still standing or needing to stand friends...thank you.  I also love your writing style..Keep standing girlfriend

Mourning as a Christian

A review for 'Still Standing', by Mrs Hilary Fyfe- Zambia

I feel like it is who wrote this book even though I know that I would not be as coherent as you. I suppose God wanted me to read this book to know there is no way out of pain. One has to live through it. I am slowly going back to friends I wrote off due to their comment like; you are a Christian don’t mourn like that 😳like what‼️ Instead of shouting back at them, I chose to block their numbers. Hell is hell whichever way you spell it.

Thank you my child for the courage to write.

Could not put it down

A review for 'Still Standing', by Mrs Carol Lemba- South Africa

I read the book… very well written. It engaged all my senses. I was home!

*Thank you* … it helped me in more ways than you know. Just knowing that it’s normal and ok to go through some emotions. . The author has an amazing spirit and I bought the book purely to support the author. But it’s the best I have read this year. And I haven’t actually read in a long time. I do a lot of audio books. That’s how good it was. Could not put it down.

Young Widow

A review for 'Still Standing', by Unathi Mdaka Tembo- South Africa

What an incredible book. So relatable in my grief journey as a young widow. Thankyou Mwangala for sharing so vulnerably and authentically. Forever Grateful.

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