Raw emotional account

A review for 'Still Standing', by Duniya Mupeso

With every page I read I am blown away!

The writing, the openness and authenticity of each emotion expressed make this a MUST-READ!!

The powerful quotes shared in each chapter make this a true labour of love.

Thank you for sharing your story. 💗💗

Raw and authentic

A review for 'Still Standing', by Chisha Kandeke- Zambia

I have just finished reading Still Standing, 3 days later…. You are a natural writer!!!! I have never looked forward to turning the page of a memoir like I have this book. Thankyou for telling your story so honestly, it has been so so encouraging. Having gone through a depressing period myself, the way you tell your story gives me so many “light bulb” moments. I have only realised now that it was okay to feel the way I felt and go through what I went through, as long as I came out stronger…. 

I look forward to your next book. 


A review for 'Still Standing', by Charlotte Hill- UK

Such a wonderful book- it is honestly the best thing I have read for ages(and I am a big reader)!

Short Prayer

A review for 'Still Standing', by Rodgers Chanda- Zambia

Yesterday I was so touched and learnt a very big lesson about life, that Living for a purpose isn't living it for me but for what God has designed me for. The short powerful prayer was "LORD, do not take me, my children still need me” this prayer included many who met/meets Mrs Mwangala Lethbridge as she's an inspiration to many, and her life is a life of lives.

Bitter Sweet

A review for 'Still Standing', by Mazianga Lucy Mazaba Liwewe- Zambia

Mwangala, this memoir is a bitter sweet pill. Bitter cause it has made me shed tears imagining what you went through but Sweet because you got up and are Still Standing.

Amazingly, every repeat read yields a different understanding and perspective.

I have learnt through this memoire that while we may go through similar or even different but as heavy issues, we must respect our different reactions and the pace at which we heal if we ever do.

Mwangala please do not underestimate the positive impact your memoir has had on me and am sure many others including my daughters whom I see on the pics you posted.

Thank you for sharing the bitter yet sweet encounter in your life time.

Opening up that personal space of your life is evidence of your selflessness.

This book is a must read, I assure you, it will lift you up as you realize that despite how heavy the load is, you can always get up and remain standing #StillStanding

Thank you Mwangala.

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